Bali Retreats


Cleanse and nourish your body and sprit in the magic and wonder of beautiful Bali!

The new Kai’s Garden Bali retreats are full of healing, love, fun and adventure!

Each retreat is tailored to suit your desires and needs. The retreats work best solo or in small groups, such as a couple, two best friends, or at most four people if you are all very close. Small groups allow for this life altering trip to be designed for your maximum benefit and enjoyment.

Six Days $1,888. Stay longer and explore Bali with tips from me!

It’s a big, far trip… and worth every mile.

Bali is the kind of place where the unexpected happens, and adventure awaits. It keeps us living in the moment—which is where miracles occur, transformation begins and awakening spontaneously happens…
— Kai Bravo

The Balinese people are giving, open, loving and kind. Their lives are balanced, and centered around spirituality, family and friends.

They say “You don’t choose Bali, Bali chooses you”… it seems to speak to some people and not others. Are you pulled to visit there? Feels like home, yet completely exotic and always new.

Some of what Bali has to offer:

  • Fresh, delicious, vegan food is everywhere at great prices. Unique, tropical, nutrient dense fruit is plentiful

  • Shopping is a fun adventure for treasure at great prices

  • Lavish accommodations at low prices

  • Beautiful beaches

  • Yoga

  • Wonderful spa treatments and massages (inexpensive enough to pamper yourself with daily!)

  • Healing water temple ceremony

  • Majestic sunrise hike up a volcano

Bali is a wondrous gift… A gem with a beautiful, relaxed vibe.

Things can change in a 3rd world country so I keep the schedule and activities flexible. If you know me and my track record, you can just trust that I’ll take care of you, show you a good time, and do my best to have you feeling lighter, freer, happier—and inspired to live your best life!
— Kai Bravo

Interested in coming to Bali? Contact Kai to discuss dates.

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Beach cove for morning yoga.

Accomodations near the beach for part of retreat. Video of Ubud resort coming soon!


Below you will find testimonials from people who have participated in Kai’s Garden retreats.

“Kai’s Retreat—An amazing experience —An amazing person. I have been to two of Kai’s retreats, and have to say they are some of the most restorative, meaningful times I can remember. The opportunity to spend four days in a beautiful, serene environment where you are nurtured and nourished is a gift to both mind and body. Kai’s approach of allowing the body to gently detox through nutrition and cleansing leaves me feeling refreshed and energetic. As she guides you through the process, she is showing you how to integrate these healthy practices into normal life. Kai demonstrates how to prepare healthy food in a reasonable amount of time. It’s gratifying to find methods to quickly prepare healthy food that is satisfying and flavorful. The retreat is wonderful—the education is life-altering.

Kai herself is a gift to everyone she helps. What she does is a labor of love that is approached passionately and energetically. What she teaches comes from practices that have changed her life, and she strives to share those benefits with others. Kai’s passion for health and wellness is infectious.

As for me, I suffer from Type 2 diabetes. Kai’s approach has dramatic effects on my condition. Each time I have attended one of her retreats, my blood glucose had been trending upwards due to stress and unhealthy food choices. The impact of her treatments is immediate, with a 50% reduction in my numbers within the first two days. I always leave feeling restored, and maintain a lower required level of medication as a result. These retreats have been a blessing in my life.

Thank you Kai for the wonderful experience and for the knowledge and motivation
you impart. God Bless.”

Mark Turner

“I am so grateful, Kai, for the wonderful 4-day detox. Not only is my body lighter and cleaner, but so is my soul. It was awesome to come together in such a healing space with the other beautiful women in our group and have you spoil us with food so amazing I could hardly believe I was detoxing. And thank you for your generosity in sharing all your knowledge and recipes. You rock!”

Kyle Ellis

“We are so lucky to have Kai around! She has that something special that makes being around her such a joy. She has the “touch” as chef, counselor, therapist, healer, and friend. My
first 4-day cleanse with her was just amazing. We felt so nourished and cleansed on all levels. She has designed cleanses that go really deep and yet aren’t difficult and stressful... I actually feel pampered and not deprived at all. And when I come out of the cleanse I really do feel that I’ve reset my appetite and commitment to being healthy... and it lasts! Kai creates an almost magical space where we can step out of our regular routines and enjoy being with other like-minded souls in our endeavoring to be healthy. I am so looking forward to more cleanses with her! Thank you Kai!”

Nadia Gulledge

“Went to Kai’s garden to cleanse. It was an AMAZING experience. It changed my life. Really helped open my third eye and my life has been unfolding beautifully since. I want to do her cleanse twice a year. Kai is an amazing passionate woman and is full of life and knowledge. So very grateful that my dear friend Joelle arranged this trip. It was the best thing I’ve done for myself in years.”

Melina Volz

“I have learned a great deal about my body and how much easier eating clean could be than I ever imagined. Kai’s retreat gave me skills to prepare and enjoy better ways of eating in a way that I can include in a busy lifestyle—balancing work, kids, and travel. There is so much more to say. I feel like I have just begun on this journey and I look forward to learning more. I will definitely be back! Thanks Kai!”

Joelle Geppard

“My first time at Kai’s garden was June 2014; a couple of months before that I had just completed an intensive series of chemo and radiation for throat cancer. I was still weak, tired, and dispirited. Three of my girlfriends who had been at cleanses before encouraged me to go with them. I loved Kai the moment I met her! She is a loving, lively, energetic goddess. I loved the nutritious juices and smoothies with all fresh ingredients, some from her garden. Kai’s Garden is not only a cleanse, you leave with the knowledge of how to eat healthy and take care of yourself for a lifetime. When I left Kai’s, my body felt light and I felt happy. I had a new outlook on my life and felt I was on the road to recovery.”

Sue Eldridge

“I went to Kai’s garden on an invitation from my girlfriend. She wanted to get away to wean her infant and we wanted a girls retreat. It was the most amazing retreat of my life. I am 36 years old, I’m a mother of two, I’m tired, and I’m overworked. I came back feeling vibrant, full of life, and with more energy. Physically, I had less yeast problems and I went to the bathroom more regularly. I was overall a very happy girl! Kai not only sets up a retreat for you, she teaches you healthy plant-based nutrition (which equals happiness) and then how to integrate it when you get back home. I not only have more space and time at home, it’s much easier to fix myself a juice and have more energy than eating a whole plate of snacks. I have more energy now! I started getting my husband on it—he has less dandruff, his cheeks are pink, and he has more energy than he ever has.

He has lost 5 pounds in one week. I can’t say enough about Kai’s garden retreat. It is a life- changing experience.”

Kristy Murphy

“We laughed till we cried like we were kids again! The best four days I’ve had in a long time. The gentle way of Kai and her amazingly magical energy is surely what I recommend to everyone. It doesn’t matter what your health is, after leaving Kai’s Retreat you will be better off and will learn and flourish because of having been there.”

Sundara Clark

“I went to Kai’s Re-Treat with three lovely friends, all of us mamas of two spirited kids. We each needed a break from taking care of our families, and have time to nurture ourselves. What we found was that by nurturing ourselves, we were nurturing our families in the best possible way. We arrived at Kai’s tired, heavy, and ready to improve, and we left feeling cleansed, rejuvenated, and inspired to bring our bright lights back to our families. We have continued to be a support group for each other back at home.

I am so grateful to Kai. She has created a truly beautiful and healthy environment to make some fantastic changes in my life, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She is a powerful healer, teacher, and chef extraordinaire! I can’t wait to go back, for the cleanse, the healing space, and to hang out with Kai! Lots of love.”

Danielle Ryce

“After three heart attacks, I was looking for a way of healing that didn’t include pharmaceuticals, A.M.A., and agri-business. Kai was able to show me the way through good nutrition and fresh organic foods. Thanks.”


“I have so much appreciated the times spent at Kai’s Garden. Kai’s touch is gentle and her wealth of information, shared freely throughout the retreat, gave me so much support to continue a healthy lifestyle in my real world. It has been a great way to share special, intimate time with close friends and return home with a support group dedicated to new, healthy habits. I appreciate that she will work with a group around dates that work and doesn’t, just provide a fixed schedule. Looking forward to my next visit!

Update: I just finished my most recent cleanse with Kai (Jan 17, 2015.) In preparing for this, I weighed myself and found I had maintained my prior cleanse (Sept, 2014) weight loss of eight pounds—even through the holidays! Thank you, Kai, for sharing how to live a healthy life style in the real world.”

Randalyn Perkins

“I did a 4-day retreat with Kai and loved it! It was free-flowing, gentle, inspiring, and delicious. It amazed me how I could be emptied (colon treatments), and filled (fantastic food,

meaningful conversation), at the same time without ever feeling drained or over-filled. The focus on healthy food and positive ways to encounter the world were very helpful to me. The options of the hyperbaric chamber, the foot-jiggler, and the trampoline were an added bonus, as well as getting to know Kai and the other participants in such an honest and non-judgemental way. There was plenty of information around about diet and other choices we make in our lives, in the way of books and movies, that we all enjoyed.”

Mary Misseldine

“Do not consider for one moment NOT meeting Kai and experiencing her remarkable, super- fun, and life-changing retreat. Her warmth and knowledge surpassed all expectations—and I had already heard only amazing things!”

Jy Gronner

“I am so grateful to have been able to experience the four-day retreat/cleanse twice now. My body, mind, and spirit were instantly recharged each time through letting my body detox in such a loving, supportive, informative, healing environment. Connecting with beautiful Kai along with the other lovely ladies each time made the four days together so powerful. I hope to be able to do this again in 2013. I highly recommend treating yourself to this experience.”

Marina James

“Kai’s 4-Day Cleanse was a powerfully intimate and spiritually deepening experience for me. I learned and experienced so much new information about health, healing, and wholeness, because Kai lives on the leading edge of health in her own life. I left after four days feeling healthier and more relaxed than I had in months, and easily ate just Kai’s raw food diet recipes for over three months! Kai’s 4-Day Cleanse was a wonderful way to begin a healthier approach to my whole-health plan.”

Cheryl Tamblyn

“I’ve had the pleasure of being ‘cleansed’ by Kai. I call it ‘entering the Bravo-zone’, and it’s fantastic. The four day experience is a wonderful gift to oneself, and the results can be pretty significant. During my first 4-day Cleanse with Kai, I actually lost nine pounds! Not to mention the glowing skin, spring in my step, clear eyes—a real beauty treatment! Kai Bravo is an extremely gifted caregiver, practically angelic. She is providing a world-class service to the community, one I highly recommend, and I haven’t even mentioned the food, which is magic...”

Susy Barsotti

“I have been blessed by Kai’s Re-Treat! I’m renewed, refreshed, and ready to be a blessing to others! Kai is gifted in so many ways. Cheers to Kai’s sweet vision, her spirit,
and ever-flowing love!”

Tammy Scott

“Four days at Kai’s went by so fast. Kai is fabulous! She has a very warm presence and great energy/spirit. I met her for the first time, but felt like she’s always been my best friend. She’s so very warm and welcoming, that you literally feel right at home. You never feel hungry at any time and her food is not just nutritious but super delicious. Kai shares her recipes, as well as shows us how she prepares food right in front of us. Thumbs up in every way. I am going to be a repeater. If you go to Kai, you will be well taken care of—guaranteed!”

Masako Takagi

“The moment I stepped into Kai’s home and was embraced by her, I knew I was in good hands. Kai and her retreat absolutely saved my life. I lost 5 pounds just immediately during her four-day retreat and within the following six weeks I had lost over 22 pounds. Losing the weight was just an added bonus compared to what transformation had occurred deep within me. I have never felt so amazing in my life and I knew I was changed forever.

Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically I am at my best and still growing. Finally, after years of suffering from insomnia, I have never slept better. My body/joint pains are gone and I’m so grateful and blessed to be relieved of my depression. I feel alive again. My mind is clear and I have such an overwhelming sense of joy about my overall health that I love to share my experience at Kai’s retreat with everyone that I love and more.

Ever since I left Kai’s retreat, I decided I would continue to live a vegan lifestyle and have easily been able to incorporate all of Kai’s recipes in my everyday life. My friends and I have committed to each other to return in the winter for a four-day retreat, making it the start of our new tradition. Kai is truly an amazing woman with a special gift and I am forever grateful for what she has done for me.”

Update 6-months later—

“After six months of leaving Kai’s retreat the first time, I knew that I was going to return. This second time at her retreat has left me feeling rejuvenated and feeling even better than the first time. Kai’s love nourishes my soul, along with her delicious meals. She has become a dear friend of mine and will remain a huge part of my healthy, vegan lifestyle. Thank you Kai for sharing your amazing gift to the world... you are changing lives!”

Shelly Gomez

“After seeing the positive results my wife had from attending Kai’s retreat, I was happy (and a little apprehensive) to join her for the “couples retreat”. It was a very comfortable and informative time. We detoxed from the inside out. Kai showed us some basic recipes that were healthy and easy to prepare, even for me! A great experience”.

Bob Schaer

“Dear Lovers of Life,

I have lived for over 30 years in Italy and you can imagine the amount of pasta, pizza, and delicious desserts that have been entering my mouth for all these years. I am also intolerant to wheat and dairy but really never listened to my body in stopping to consume these ingredients and just continued to eat them and to workout at the gym to burn down those heavy calories but not thinking what it was doing to my body and skin because I also suffer from dermatitis due to my allergies.

I finally decided to make a change and there she was ~ KAI BRAVO ~. My Health Angel that took great care of me for four days. Being a very reserved person, she made me feel totally comfortable and I received a 5-star treatment thanks to her caring ways and with Kai it’s all about you and you just need to sit back, relax, and follow her guidance.

The knowledge of Kai on the correct nutritional diet we need and her recipes are amazing! I never thought that green choices could taste that good and day by day my body started to eliminate the toxins that were stored in it for so long. My body and skin looked as never before, the Hyperbaric Oxygen tank was great. My brain and body got energized from it. The documentary videos were an additional wake up call to me.

If you really want to live a healthier lifestyle and you look at yourself in the mirror and are not happy of the reflected image, well now you have the Biggest Kept Secret available... KAI BRAVO!!! Do not think twice in making a change for yourself. The four days at Kai’s gave me a new prospective on life and a boost of pure energy to see it with a more convincing smile and that smile can only start from the inside. When I went to Kai I weighed 192 lb (considering I started a 7-day initial preparation cleanse) and at the end of the retreat I weighed 180 lb (I had a piece of Italy inside of me).

What I have learned from Kai?

• we are what we eat

• we can make changes in our lives and these changes are from within

• with a cleaner me I have a clearer way of thinking

• I have always craved sugar and it’s been 10 days I have not been having any kind of urge for it

• to love yourself more and take care of your health needs that are a priority

Also I have made a new friend that will always be there to support me in this health journey to discover a new me and I will certainly go back to do other cleanses... this is only the beginning.

Finally, to my fellow men readers. I have learned that cleansing is not only for women but also for us men. So do not be shy or doubtful if it’s a man thing or not. Go get clean and believe me Kai will make you change your way of thinking and eating. Believe it, said from a 101% Italian foodie. It’s true!!!”

Pietro Navarra

“Words cannot adequately describe a four-day cleanse with Kai. Whoever you are or whatever your health-related needs may be, a REAL TREAT is awaiting you! Throughout the entire cleanse, I felt completely supported, as well as nourished. Kai’s professionalism, thoughtfulness, support, and knowledge in the area of health are priceless. Delicious, nourishing juices, smoothies, and blended soups kept me completely satisfied. Kai’s Garden cooking classes and many take home recipes help guarantee that the learning doesn’t stop at the end of the retreat. Kai creates an extraordinary, nurturing environment wherever she goes. Healing spirit infuses everything she does—the oxygen tank, the amazing colon cleaning, and the delicious, fresh, organic food. My body feels so clean and light now with clear mindedness and vitality. Thank you, Kai! Loving all you do. You inspire me! I look forward to the next one!”

Isis Israel

“Kai Bravo is an amazing, attentive, loving goddess of cleansing! She is also a superb
vegan chef. Her retreat made me feel fully renewed, energized and held in the hands of a capable sweetheart. There is much laughter and powerful connections along the way! I found her fully aware way of giving and guiding me through my full transformation was more than I could have hoped for. Her love for people and health is so obvious!”

Chiah Rodriguez

“I really appreciate your hospitality, but more importantly I want to tell you how much you have changed my life! I am not 100% vegan, but pretty close—maybe 70-80% I have finally been able to lose the 5-10 extra pounds I’ve been carrying for probably 10+ years. My husband reluctantly went along with the changes, although not quite as much, but is noticing how much his GERD has improved and is a convert. We appreciate your knowledge and insight and yummy recipes as well.”


“You are such an amazing human. This was so much more than a cleanse. You created such a welcoming, safe environment that really allowed each person to be exactly where & who we each were when we arrived. Which was totally different than the uplifted versions of ourselves we became after just four short days with you. You are so knowledgeable about every aspect of this subject of healthy eating and yet, accepting & just so fun to be around. You are every bit as vibrant as the amazing colors you create in each of your delicious meals!

I only went to try to not eat sugar for four days & came away believing I can learn to create a mostly sugar & package ‘food’-free lifestyle for myself & my teenaged son. The experience was so inspiring—your talent, warmth, clear intention to help others just radiates through you. I’ve attended many retreats & personal growth seminars in my life & this was truly one of the most transformational. I recommend this retreat for anyone who’s ready for more ease in their relationship with food & their body. Thank you, thank you.”

Mary Beth McClure

“Since the retreat at the end of May, I have now lost 20 pounds! I have not “deprived” myself of the flavors I crave but instead have used many of your suggestions to help me feel satisfied. Thank you so much! The weight just keeps coming off, slow but sure.”

Evelyn Fisher

“Kai’s retreats are my ultimate treat to myself. Not only do I leave pounds thinner, but I
am rebooted and rejuvenated physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Kai has a gift for understanding my personal physical needs as she hones in on what I can do nutritionally to strengthen my body. Doing a series of colon treatments does wonders for my body. I leave Kai’s retreats lighter, my skin is clearer, the brain fog is lifted, I have more energy and I feel grounded and hopeful. I love that I walk away with recipes and tools to keep myself healthy. With Kai, you get a professional chef who teaches you how to prepare some of the yummiest foods I’ve ever eaten, nutritional advice, special liver cleansing tools, the oxygen chamber, lots of meditative rest, and collaborative fun with a small, close circle of participants. And as a bonus, you get Kai, a sparkly, warm angel who laughs easily, loves her work, and will make you feel like the most special, beautiful person on the planet.”

Laura Hamburg

“Words can’t express how thankful to Kai I am for making our 20th wedding anniversary retreat perfect. We were supposed to go to an island somewhere, but schedules wouldn’t permit & this is what my wife wanted. I have attended a retreat before, but this time I experienced all of the treatments & feel fantastic. I lost 11lbs during this four-day retreat & as a 20 year Law Enforcement Officer this was a little out of my comfort zone, but I feel very healthy. Look forward to seeing you again.”


“Kai’s Retreats are something to be experienced by everyone!! I’ve attended numerous times over the last few years & what I have discovered is my body/mind/soul deserves the healing that Kai has to offer. You leave with a sense of vigor, wellness, & this strength to push forward; & the energy, passion, and excitement to dream again. It has been the sweetest gift to our marriage to put our health & well being first & budget this gift into our Big 20th Anniversary Celebrations. The seven pounds I dropped was quite a lovely surprise too. Much Love & Blessings!!”


“I just wanted to thank you for the transformative four days with you. I feel so clean and clear after the cleanse and the flush. I am sleeping better and having two bowel movements a day. I never was regular in my life and your education on eating and the program I did with you has changed my health and life so dramatically that I can’t thank you enough! You have brought a lot of positivity and energy to this body of mine. The daily pains in my knees have subsided and I am off of my thyroid medicine and liquid hormones. I will see you again in a few months to release yet another layer.”

Luana Dellaluce

“Kai’s Retreat is only for those who want to feel good about themselves—vibrant, healthy, and happy! If you are such a person, you will be captivated by Kai’s magic and amazed by her knowledge, wisdom, and beautiful example. She truly lives what she teaches and you can’t help but absorb her goodness and good words... and wonderfully delicious food and drink. This is my third retreat and I expect to do many more.”

Dana Hughes

“I love retreats. I love fruit. I love nature. I love oxygen. I love movies. I love sleeping in. I love reading. I love sun. I love veggies. I love swimming. I love new friends. I love silence. I love learning. I love green smoothies. I love baths. I love Saladmaster. I love the stars. I love laughter. I love ping pong. I love conversation. I love health. I love love. I love Kai.”

Karen Schuppert

“Kai has completely changed my life. I never imagined it could be so easy to eat healthy! Kai’s Garden Retreat is a must for everyone. Within weeks of my first cleanse I had purchased a juicer, a Vitamix, and numerous books to continue my education about proper nutrition. Since making the change my energy has increased, I have gone down a pant size, and I have told friends about the amazing benefits of the vegan and raw food lifestyle. I look forward to my next cleanse at Kai’s Garden Retreat! Hope that doesn’t sound too cheesy. But it’s the truth!”

Larry Richmond

“Kai is the “Real Deal”—I loved her green juice, vegan, detox, rejuvenation re-treat. Her investment in the spiritual and physical health of her guests is enormous. Through videos, books, and teachings, and most importantly cooking classes, my eyes were opened to a very different way to think about nutrition, which will change my physical health forever. We got healing colon treatments everyday. Kai’s healing guidance & personal insights are excellent, and I feel that I made great strides in correcting my bad eating habits I’ve had for years. My favorite part of the retreat is the magical daily 1-hour+ of downtime in the super healing hyperbaric chamber.

I’ve come many times to her retreat very toxic & exhausted. After my four-day stays I come away feeling invigorated mentally and physically and inspired to make many positive changes in my lifestyle. This last cleanse literally may have saved my life—after 10 years of combating side effects of having “unidentified” parasites; thanks to Kai, I discovered the exact type. Now eradication is a possibility! Thank you Kai for all you do!”

Christina Gere

“What a wonderful experience it was to be at your retreat. Not only for all that I learned and the treatments but also for sharing that time with all you amazing women. I have nothing but the best of memories of the entire four days. No more dairy, no meat or chicken. I have a green drink first thing every morning and I feel GREAT! I take it a day at a time, I’m having fun cooking raw and by the way have I told you I feel GREAT? I have not had loose stool since. I have been home after a couple of years of issues... How wonderful is that?!

Love your book by the way!”

Update 5 months later—

“I have not eaten meat (except some fish) since your retreat. I drink green every morning.
I learned so much from my experience. I turned 70 in September and since I have been eating better, I feel better and look healthier. Best life changing health experience ever. Thank you!”

Char Barrows

“Kai’s Re-treat is truly a life-changing experience! She has inspired me and my husband to juice daily. We have so much energy! I feel so much cleaner! My favorite part of the experience has been how applicable it is to daily life. My kids even say they love eating this way!! Thank you again Kai! We can’t wait to return.... Just so you know, I’ve been 95% vegan upon returning! Much love and eternal thanks Kai!!!!”

Dawn and Amos Faraon

“Coming with my husband to Kai’s Garden was a real treat. Going with two other friends there made it so special. My takeaway was the joy
of excitement in the kitchen again. A world of fresh ideas for preparing delicious nourishing foods. Cannot thank you enough, Kai.”

Missie Faraon

“The first time I attended one of Kai’s retreats I had great results!! Not only did I lose weight, I felt like I lost “sludge”. I was so inspired by the easy recipes and new way of eating that it was easy for me to continue healthy eating choices when I got home, where I continued to lose a few more pounds and get down to my ideal weight. Kai’s retreat is an informal, relaxed atmosphere. You eat/drink wonderful live foods and clean your body of toxins. The small group of people there instantly became friends. Loved the inspirational movies in the evening.”

Jeanette Dwyer

“We spent four days at Kai’s Garden Re-Treat. The program is totally vegan—something
new to me, but I was amazed! It was simply the best food I have ever had. Kai is one of the most marvelous people I have ever met. She is a gifted teacher. There was lots of time to chat and watch Kai as she whipped up the yummiest meals on the planet. Once the treatments were underway and Kai was teaching... I was all in. I went to discover better ways of living so that I could tell the people I love how to avoid all the difficulties we all develop as the years slide by (BTW~I’m 86). I went to learn.

Even after the first day I saw little changes. The skin areas that are always inflamed with one thing or another, the sagging lids that makes
us oldies look like oldies, the circulation in the feet that never is quite right so that the nerves are unresponsive all started to feel and look better! I am better! I have so much more energy! I know what to do about the arthritis now. I am on my mission and I have found the answers. I am a believer! A Vegan born-again! I will advocate everywhere I go.

As an added bonus I have lost six pounds!
The belly weight I thought I would have to
live with forever is disappearing! Even if you are in excellent shape, four days with Kai would put you over the top and there may be some one you care about who is suffering that she could help.

I keep feeling better! They see the happier face, the better color, and the easier smile. The never healing spot on my face finally healed, the arthritis that swarms my back, hip, and knee and the tremendous effort to just be present in the midst of life are all feeling better! What if... I had lived all these years knowing what I learned in the four days of the retreat. So now the quest begins. I will continue with what I have learned, return to Kai for tune-ups, and I will share the lessons I have learned with all those around me. Thanks Kai, I loved, loved it. You are the best, and the most fun vacation I have ever had!”

Eve Berkson

“Kai Bravo’s sparkling energy, loving heart, and keen knowledge of what the human body needs to cleanse itself makes for an extraordinarily positive cleansing experience. The experience recharged me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I came back from that four-day weekend glowing, and several friends said I had never looked so good. Highly recommend!”

Carol Misseldine

“Kai’s generous spirit and enthusiasm about health is so inspiring that anyone who is with her soaks up information in easy-to-implement, “bite-size” pieces. She consistently inspires me to make small changes that benefit my family.”

Jamee Tenzer

“Kai is a lover of food and gardens, nature, people and life. The four-day cleanse with Kai was relaxing, nourishing, educational, uplifting, and a wonderful experience. I learned many new things from Kai and the other participants, and came away feeling wonderful. Many new habits were formed, and many habits were modified or let go. I would highly recommend giving yourself this gift. It is a gentle, respectful process, and a very nourishing experience, and I truly felt deep reverence for my body.”

Giovanna Vitau

“Kai has created one of the best cleansing formulas I’ve experienced. Kai’s approach and cleansing system reaches the intended goal with ease and success. The four days are delightful and full of love from Kai and the other participants. With the most delicious, fulfilling, and nutritious drinks all throughout the day, and of course, Kai’s scrumptious healing and magical blended soups at night. Looking forward to my next one...”

Sunny Sunrise

“I had heard about this incredible chef/colonics guru here in Ukiah repeatedly from people I love and trust. First, Kai is an incredible woman, kind, loving, thoughtful, creative, and extremely knowledgeable. Second, she opens up her home to her clients and her kitchen, but most importantly, her heart, creating a very holistic experience. After having a few individual colonics, I then took the leap to the four-day cleanse with my daughter. Wow, very eye-opening! I benefitted enormously from all of this work and highly recommend Kai’s retreats. I firmly believe that my 16lbs weight loss in the months following my cleanse was a direct response to the colonics and the wisdom Kai imparted regarding the importance of eating the right foods in the right way.

I’ve learned so much from Kai and about myself through this process. I feel very lucky to have been her continuing client and to have Kai in our community.”

Robin Collier

“I highly recommend Kai’s cleansing retreat whether you need a health tune-up or are ready for a jump start towards a big change. Kai is a true example of perfect health. She walks her talk and shares as many of her health and beauty secrets that you want to know. I left feeling amazing and have already made adjustments to my daily routine. You will not be disappointed... Kai will sweep you off of your feet!”

Kris Richmond

“Thank You Kai Bravo for the extraordinary four-day Cleansing Retreat! Had forgotten how terrific I can feel... and full of energy. Four days of raw, vegan food, and full cleanses... along with Kai’s adept Chef coaching. I feel like a new person!”

Shelle Wolfe