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“Kai’s Garden, the Juicy Details”


Kai's Garden, The Juicy Details, was inspired out of Kai's personal health transformation story, and the retreats where she assisted others along their path to a healthier, happier life.

If you’re looking to live a balanced, vibrant life, I feel a diet rich in whole, fresh plant foods is best. Rest, fun, love, moving your body, mind, and spirit are also Key! Above all: listen to your body, and cleanse periodically so you can be clean and clear enough to feel what you need. Eat when hungry, stop when satisfied. Drink green smoothies and/or green juice as many mornings as possible! A little effort and focus, with powerful tools, goes a long way in getting started on the road to a healthier, happier life!

8 1/2 X 11, spiral bound. 200 pages, 124 color photos, over 50 recipes!

$22. Printed copies will be available next year at film showings, book signings and here at kaisgarden.com

PDF available NOW!! Just eleven dollars ($11)!

Back cover of “Kai’s Garden, the Juicy Details”.

Back cover of “Kai’s Garden, the Juicy Details”.

Wherever you are in life, whatever inspiration you need to stay on the path of health and happiness, Kai’s Garden, the Juicy Details will broaden your horizon.
---Mimi Kirk
Best selling Author, International speaker, and Trained Raw-food Chef

Kai is a gift to everyone she helps. What she does is a labor of love that is approached passionately and energetically. What she teaches comes from practices that have changed her life, and she strives to share those benefits with others. Kai’s passion for health and wellness is infectious. The information is life-altering.
---Mark Turner, Hospital Executive

We are so lucky to have Kai around! She has that something special that makes being around her such a joy. Kai has the “touch” as chef, counselor, therapist, healer, and friend.
---Nadia Gulledge, singer-songwriter, Entrepreneur

Kai’s generous spirit and enthusiasm about health is so inspiring that anyone who is with her soaks up information in easy-to-implement, “bite-size” pieces. She consistently inspires me to make small changes that benefit my family.
---Jamee Tenzer, Executive Life Coach

Kai Bravo’s sparkling energy, loving heart, and keen knowledge of what the human body needs to cleanse itself makes for an extraordinarily positive experience—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Highly recommend!
---Carol Misseldine, Senior Director, Outreach & Engagement, Humane society of the United States


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The BLT That Saved My Life


"The BLT That saved My Life” tells a true story about coming close to death, an experience that profoundly changed my life in a surprisingly positive way. It is the story of my life before, during and after this frightening yet ultimately healing event.

My purpose in writing “The BLT That saved My Life” is to share what has been liberating to me in the hope that it may touch and inspire you.

As long as I can remember, I have been on a quest for peace and happiness. My search has taken me to wonderful places and taught me valuable lessons. But true, lasting, joy still escaped me until this amazing adventure.

This is not to say that life is perfect bliss from morning until night every day, but the way I experience life is very different now. In the past, when I would have breakthroughs and insights followed by times of clarity and contentment, the joy would fade and the fears and burdens would creep back in.

The adventure of almost dying and awakening anew in early May of 2008 came complete with the tools to keep it alive and continually expand on the growth, freedom and peace that I had discovered. These tools actually showed up just before I came face to face with death, in time to save my life.

Along the journey of writing about this experience and sharing it with family, friends and clients, it has expanded. I have been thrilled to witness the inspiring effects the BLT has had on others. I am getting a steady stream of reports from people finding freedom, peace and growth as they use the simple tools in “The BLT That saved My Life.”


Praise for The BLT That saved My Life--

I always knew that Kai Bravo would figure out life, but I had no idea she’d do it so well. Benefit from her search.
---Charlie Hauck Author, T.V. Writer

I read “The BLT That saved My Life” yesterday and laughed out loud three times before I finished the first 20 pages. I found Kai’s writing very refreshing and fun. Thank you for your honesty and willingness to take the journey of enlightenment. It is very clear that you have been a voracious learner and this book is your way of putting it all into perspective in a fun, intelligent way. I'm laughing with you, because the truth is funny and will set you free.
--- Kenneth simpson Counselor, s.f. CA.

“The BLT That saved My Life” is AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, WONDERFUL, INsPIRING, I’M LAUGHING OUT LOUD, AND THEN HAVE TEARs IN MY EYEs. THANK YOU FOR THIs INCREDIBLE GIFT. I can’t put the book down. It is a real spellbinding page turner. You are an incredible writer! I am so inspired. I BLT’d my way through a two day work trip and NOTHING was/is a problem. It’s one thing to KNOW one wants to be in the moment; another thing entirely to have TOOLs to achieve it!
---Kate Hemlock speech therapist, N. CA

"I read your brilliant book and found it so very fascinating, and well written too. You are a natural storyteller, Kai. I even did some BLTing of my own this morning when I was walking, good stuff. What an interesting story and I like how you weave in the wisdom, so it's not to overpoweringly new-agey. Brava, Bravo!!!"
--- Author of “Love and Compassion” -Nikki L., N. CA.

Kai...Bravo, Bravo on your book! You want to help people, well you have helped me. Thank you! “The BLT That saved My Life” came at the right time in my life... I read it, loved it, I feel like I can take on the world now... I needed that. As I left my house this morning I took the book and put it in my purse... just because it feels so good to have so much inspiration near me!!!

Keep writing, Kai Bravo!!
---Elisabeth, an inspired BLT’s BELT fan from Austria