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Powerful conversations with Kai to keep you inspired and on track in your wellness journey.

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Getting and staying healthy in our body, mind, and spirit takes a whole ring of keys:

  • Healthy food

  • Cleansing

  • Hunger and satisfaction

  • Feelings and thoughts

  • Exercise

  • Rest and relax

  • Visualize and affirm

  • Self

  • Spirituality

  • Fun

  • Support

Most of us can’t do this alone. I’m here to support you in accomplishing your health and wellness goals. I’m available for phone and video conversations to assist you in seeing what’s working, what’s not working, and how to move towards your dreams of having a vibrant, juicy life.
— Kai Bravo

How does it work?

After booking a session with Kai, you can converse one-on-one (either via phone or video chat) to get support, find solutions, be inspired, and create breakthroughs.

We can discuss together how often to chat for your greatest benefit.

What’s the cost?

A simple, flat-rate cost of $111 for two (2) 1 hour sessions.

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