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Kai’s Garden…

There are many things growing here to nourish and support your blossoming. Dig in!





* Retreats…

To cleanse, heal, rejuvenate, and enjoy!

* Books…

To uplift and guide you—

“Kai’s Garden, The Juicy Details”


“The BLT that saved my life”

* One-on-one Conversations…

To assist you on your journey to a vibrant, juicy life


* A film to inspire you…

“Kai’s Garden: A Wild Journey to Glowing Health”

* Kai’s Garden YouTube channel…

Real people, real food, real fun: Adventures from around the world


Bali Retreats

Cleanse and nourish your body and spirit in the magic and wonder of beautiful Bali!

The new Kai’s garden Bali retreats are full of healing, love, fun and adventure!

Each retreat is tailored to suit your desires and needs.

Bali is the kind of place where the unexpected happens, and adventure awaits. It keeps us living in the moment—which is where miracles occur, transformation begins and awakening spontaneously happens…
— Kai Bravo

The Balinese people are giving, open, loving and kind. Their lives are balanced, and centered around spirituality, family and friends.

They say “You don’t choose Bali, Bali chooses you”… it seems to speak to some people and not others. Are you pulled to visit there? Feels like home, yet completely exotic and always new.

Bali is a wondrous gift… A gem with a beautiful, relaxed vibe.

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Kai’s Books


“The BLT that saved my life”

A true story of glimpsing death, the extreme joy that followed, and the eight simple words that keep that joy alive


“Kai’s Garden, the juicy details”

A bag of tricks, box of tools, and ring of keys to a vibrant, joyful, juicy life.

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Conversations with Kai

Stay the course!

Powerful conversations with Kai to keep you inspired and on track in your wellness journey.

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Kai’s Garden, a wild journey to glowing health

The documentary film “Kai’s Garden, a wild journey to glowing health” is an inspiring true story of transformation.

Coming soon!

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