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“Kai’s Garden, The Juicy Details”


“The BLT that saved my life”

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“Kai’s Garden: A Wild Journey to Glowing Health”

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Real people, real food, real fun: Adventures from around the world


What people have to say about working with Kai


Kai’s Retreat—An amazing experience —An amazing person. I have been to two of Kai’s retreats, and have to say they are some of the most restorative, meaningful times I can remember. The opportunity to spend four days in a beautiful, serene environment where you are nurtured and nourished is a gift to both mind and body. Kai’s approach of allowing the body to gently detox through nutrition and cleansing leaves me feeling refreshed and energetic. As she guides you through the process, she is showing you how to integrate these healthy practices into normal life. Kai demonstrates how to prepare healthy food in a reasonable amount of time. It’s gratifying to find methods to quickly prepare healthy food that is satisfying and flavorful. The retreat is wonderful—the education is life-altering.

Kai herself is a gift to everyone she helps. What she does is a labor of love that is approached passionately and energetically. What she teaches comes from practices that have changed her life, and she strives to share those benefits with others. Kai’s passion for health and wellness is infectious.

As for me, I suffer from Type 2 diabetes. Kai’s approach has dramatic effects on my condition. Each time I have attended one of her retreats, my blood glucose had been trending upwards due to stress and unhealthy food choices. The impact of her treatments is immediate, with a 50% reduction in my numbers within the first two days. I always leave feeling restored, and maintain a lower required level of medication as a result. These retreats have been a blessing in my life.

Thank you Kai for the wonderful experience and for the knowledge and motivation
you impart. God Bless.”

Mark Turner

“I am so grateful, Kai, for the wonderful 4-day detox. Not only is my body lighter and cleaner, but so is my soul. It was awesome to come together in such a healing space with the other beautiful women in our group and have you spoil us with food so amazing I could hardly believe I was detoxing. And thank you for your generosity in sharing all your knowledge and recipes. You rock!”

Kyle Ellis

“We are so lucky to have Kai around! She has that something special that makes being around her such a joy. She has the “touch” as chef, counselor, therapist, healer, and friend. My
first 4-day cleanse with her was just amazing. We felt so nourished and cleansed on all levels. She has designed cleanses that go really deep and yet aren’t difficult and stressful... I actually feel pampered and not deprived at all. And when I come out of the cleanse I really do feel that I’ve reset my appetite and commitment to being healthy... and it lasts! Kai creates an almost magical space where we can step out of our regular routines and enjoy being with other like-minded souls in our endeavoring to be healthy. I am so looking forward to more cleanses with her! Thank you Kai!”

Nadia Gulledge

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Kai’s Books


“The BLT that saved my life”

A true story of glimpsing death, the extreme joy that followed, and the eight simple words that keep that joy alive


“Kai’s Garden, the juicy details”

A bag of tricks, box of tools, and ring of keys to a vibrant, joyful, juicy life.

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Conversations with Kai

Stay the course!

Powerful conversations with Kai to keep you inspired and on track in your wellness journey.

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Kai’s Garden, a wild journey to glowing health

The documentary film “Kai’s Garden, a wild journey to glowing health” is an inspiring true story of transformation.

Coming soon!

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